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Fundación E Offers Entrepreneur Training Workshops in Spanish
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Fundación E Offers Entrepreneur Training Workshops in Spanish

Determined to boost the economy and with the goal of supporting the efforts of Latinos living in the U.S., “Fundación E” (Foundation E), is launching entrepreneur training workshops in five U.S. cities under the motto “Yo Emprendo” (My Start-Up).  The Spanish-language workshops are designed for Spanish-speaking communities in the United States.  Fundación E’s mission is to foster the development and creation of businesses and thereby jobs that provide dignity and are sustainable. The workshops program will be offered in five cities: Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C. and Dallas.


“We are proud to play a role in developing international economic strength by offering these training courses to willing and able participants,” expressed Fundación E Executive President, Samuel González Guzmán.  “Higher education is not needed to take part in the workshops.  Those wishing to participate only need to have the desire to develop a well-structured business plan. Once the course is completed, the new entrepreneur will be equipped to start their business here and beyond the border.”


González Guzmán, added that the program  “Yo Emprendo” under the umbrella of “Jovenes Emprendedores” (Youth Entrepreneurs) is not a particular about age, but rather more about being young at heart and ready to undertake a new opportunity.  Participants must be at least 18 years of age and have the use of a computer. The


workshops include in person training at the workshop location and online instruction hours (the building of the business plan). The cost without a scholarship is $230.  However, limited scholarships are available to the first 2,000 students of Mexican descent, which reduces the cost for the workshops to only $50, which covers class materials.  These workshops are a joint effort of Mexico’s Ministry of the Economy and Fundación E.


Referring to the success strategies of the workshops, González Guzmán commented: “We provide what is necessary to support micro and small businesses by utilizing seven strategies: angel investors, funding, workshops, laboratories, forums, publications, and programs.”


For more Yo  Emprendo workshop information and to register visit:, or call 1 (866) 975-0105 or email to:  Workshop fee payment is available via PayPal on the web site, or directly with the workshop facilitator in the corresponding city.  Additionally, the Mexican consulates in the participating cities are a resource for more information on the entrepreneurial workshops, as well as through participating state of the art programs in collaboration with business, academic and multicultural institutions.


About Fundación E

Fundación E (Foundation E) is a Mexico-based non-profit, social enterprise, consulting organization committed to developing businesses and sustainable employment with dignity.  Fundación E supports programs that are socially responsible and that support small businesses, employability, workforce entry, and an entrepreneurial culture in public and private institutions and companies.  Their model for entrepreneur development has been transferred to over 250 educational institutions in Mexico.  In collaboration with the Mexican Ministry of the Economy, they act as the coordinator for the National System of Business Incubators (Sistema Nacional de Incubadoras de Empresas).  The organization presents workshops and conferences for entrepreneur development in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. For more information visit:

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